Student Activity Units

Student Activities is held / provided by the university to develop the potential, interests, personalities, and talents of students and to explore further the potentials, interests, personalities, and talents.

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Student Activity Units

Student Activity Unit or abbreviated as UKM is a place for student activities to develop certain interests, talents and expertise for its members. This institution is a partner of other intra-campus student organizations such as the Student Senate and the Student Executive Board, both at the level of study programs, majors, and universities. This institution is autonomous, and is not a ordinance of the Executive Board or the Student Senate. SMEs in Untirta include the following:


UNTIRTA TV Is a TV community under the auspices of LAB TV FISIP Untirta. UNTIRTA TV was established in 2008. It is located at Jalan Raya KM 4, UNTIRTA Campus Serang Gedung D Lt. 4 Pakupatan, Serang – Banten.


RADIO DIA UNTIRTA has received a broadcast permit and will broadcast at 106 Mhz with a transmit point located at Mount Kencana, Lebak, Banten. Even so, this radio broadcast will be heard not only in Lebak, but also in Pandeglang, Serang and Jakarta.

Bureau of Academic, Student Affairs, and Planning (BAKP) Vision & Mission

Bureau of Academic, Student Affairs, and Planning (BAKP) of Universitas Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa is a bureau which is responsible for:

  1. Academic, consists of: registration of new and old students, graduation registration, management of academic transcripts, management of graduation registration, and academic administration.
  2. Student Affairs, consists of: management of scholarship, enhancement of students achievements, management and development of Ormawa (student organizations), and anything related to student affairs.
  3. Planning, consists of: planning of university activities, including planning of procurement of goods and services.

Vision of BAKP

According to the Statue of Untirta in Article 55, Bureau of Academic, Student Affairs, and Planning (BAKP) is mentioned as an administrative executor carrying out authority and responsibility on the level of Universitas Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa in the field of Academic Administration, Student Affairs, and Planning.

In the implementation, BAKP has vision which is “Actualizing Academic technical services towards Advanced, Excellent, Characterized Untirta in togetherness of 2025”.

Mision of BAKP

Providing the best, trustworthy, and professional academic, student affairs, planning, and public relations technical services.