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Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture Untirta Prof. Dr. Nurmayulis, Ir., M.P in his remarks said on this occasion on behalf of all Academic Faculties of the Faculty of Agriculture Untirta congratulated the Yudisium participants on the success of you / i completed education at Faperta Untirta of course this moment was highly coveted by brother / I. He reported that the Judicium participants today were 96 people, each consisting of 53 Agribusiness majors, 14 Agro-Technology Departments, 29 Fisheries Departments, 1st and 2nd wave of Fisheries, which produced 213 graduates. He read the best graduates of wave II, which was won by Ita Utami Agro-Technology Department GPA 3.95 with praise, Diene Hizrahillah Vinanti Department of Agri-Business GPA 3.88 with Pujian, Febriyanti Department of Fisheries GPA 3.48 was very satisfying, the youngest graduate of Agri Department of Business Melanie Anggraeni Dewi age 20 years and 8 months, Desi Yasinta Oktavia 21 years 8 months Agroeteknologi Department, Arif Bahtiar 22 years and 6 months Department of Fisheries. He said the graduation of students as a Bachelor is not the end of the struggle, but is the beginning of a step in facing future challenges in real life. At the end of his speech, he congratulated you on the success of you in completing your education at Faculty of Untirta, I hope you can work real and get the highest award in the community.